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Fishing Flies

Our fishing flies are sure to impress, as each one has been tested and approved by experienced fisherman. When you shop at Eureka Fly Shop, you're shopping for success!


Eureka Fly Shop offers low-priced fly fishing instruction and implementation. We are very frugal and aim to provide you with exceptional products and services at reasonable prices.
Proudly Serving All Clients Located in the Northwest United States
In Business for More Than 20 Years with
More Than 40 Years of Experience

Who We Are

Embark on a shopping excursion at our fly fishing shop in Eureka, California, before you head off on your next fly fishing trip. Eureka Fly Shop sells high-quality flies and other fly-type materials. 

Store owner, Mike Kuczynski worked his way through college by tying flies and guiding in Montana and Idaho during the summer. Kuczynski and his staff are all passionate about the outdoors and are ready to equip you to be the same.

Customers shop here because we have experience in the sport and we're all very friendly. Just like Stew Wolf said, "There are no strangers in fly fishing, just friends you haven't met yet."

Contact us in Eureka, California, to hear more about the products sold at our fly fishing shop.